GreenSpeed Training Facility

Steph T.

Training for life!

If you want your deadlifts, deadlifted; your squats, squot (yes that is a word I just made up); your pullups, pulled; your sit-ups, sat....ok, you get the point. Tom Green is a beast in training. If you don't go to him, you'll regret it. His work ethic and caring for his trainees is top notch.

He will make you do enough lawnmowers and slides to make you throw up!And trust me, one day you will. But when all is said and done, Tom Green knows how to train ANYONE! When you walk up and he asks you how you’re doing and if you’re hurting, he doesn’t really care. Just kidding, he does. But he wants to know just how far he can push you to get you out of you comfort zone. He demands you give it your best every time. He makes you do things you never thought you could. You want to PR in that race, he will make you better. You want to be better at any sport, he’s your guy. I started with Tom over 9 years ago with my youth track club and then did some workouts with him on the side. He made them improve in ways that running alone wasn’t going to do. Any sport, any body type, any age, and gender, Tom will work with you to help you fulfill and blast your goals. There isn’t a personal trainer I trust more. I continue to allow him to torture me because I’m over 50 and my body doesn’t respond like it used to. With all my injuries and surgeries, I know Tom will push me and encourage me to do exercises I wouldn’t do or I would shy away from. He continues to help me excel in my physical life. If you or anyone you know have any desire to be better, there is no other person you should trust with your physical well-being. You just have to willing to put in the work, and as he says, "Just Show Up!"

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Patti M.


I started training with Tom Green two years ago, and at first I was completely against it. As a distance runner, I wanted nothing to do with "strength training," I felt the same way about strength work as most people feel about running, I hated it. However, when I was left without any reliable running coach, I decided to give it a shot.

Today, I still hate strength training. But GreenSpeed is different. There was just something about Tom that made me immediately respect him. Tom is passionate about what he does and I have come to respect him more than any other coach. Maybe it was his previous accomplishments I admired. Maybe it was the confidence and pride he had in himself, while still being incredibly humble. Maybe it was the fact I could tell how much he cared about his athletes. He gets to know me as a person, not just an athlete, he asks how school has been, or how my family is doing. This was a relief to me, after being known for nothing else but the "fast runner" for the past four years.

The workouts are always fun, with added components like "dessert" and a somewhat cruel, but yet lighthearted humor. He once sat in front of me with an entire box of pizza while I was doing situps.

Finally, he hasn't just taught me how to do a proper push up and to keep my hands on my ears when I do sit ups, he teaches life lessons as well. Many of the lessons applied in the gym, are lesson that can be applied to everyday life. These include, "Just show up," "Late is on time, on time is late," and "1+1=2."

The first day I walked in, being a distance runner, I had close to zero muscle mass and it sucked, but he somehow understood the individual differences in athletes and was able to push me just beyond my own limits. As the weeks progressed, I found myself improving, achieving feats of strength I never thought possible. I very quickly realized that being a distance runner was about health and strength combined. Tom did the impossible and made a distance runner actually enjoy strength training! But he will never succeed in converting me into a sprinter:) ha!

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Ian M.

Rodeo Clown

Tom is one of the best coaches out there. He holds you accountable for showing up every day, creates brutally elegant workouts, and gets you on a fast track to achieve your goals. Thanks, Tom!

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Mary C.

Retired & loving life!

Tom has been my trainer for 15 years. My workouts are always fresh and geared to my next adventure and/or my changing physical abilities (I’m 69 years old).

4 years ago I dislocated and broke my shoulder and I credit Tom for getting me back to work 2 months early. I’ve seen him work with a myriad for clients over the years and am amazed at how he can shift gears from one to the other. Young people in particular seem to enjoy his style of training.

I would recommend Tom for any age or physical ability (or disability)

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Cat W.


I went to Greenspeed Training with a goal of dropping my times for my 100 and 200 meter races.

Right off the bat, I was challenged to push what I believed was my maximum effort. Tom Green took my goal and created a plan that would help me succeed during my track and field season. Every single session, I was given a new circuit that left me exhausted but satisfied at the end. When sprint season rolled around, I dropped about 0.7 seconds in both of my races and made it to the regional championships; something I never dreamed of happening.

Now at college, I am on a powerlifting team where I spread Tom’s lessons of never giving up. Tom did not only train my body to become stronger, but he also mentally made me more confident and tough. You will learn from him that even if you are tired, you always have enough in you to keep going. If you are looking to achieve any goal, he will help guide you to it through his constant pushing and support. GreenSpeed Training is an incredible gym with the best principles for any patron that I highly recommend.

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Lisa F.

Stay at Home Mom

I have always been skeptical about a professional Trainer. I’m stubborn, busy and like to ‘do my own thing’. But the bottom line is, I have never gotten 100% of the results I want on my own.

With Tom at GreenSpeed Training I had amazing results, and couldn’t recommend him more! Tom has helped me refine my approach to workouts, nutrition and overall motivation. The result has been some weight loss and a significant tightening of my whole body, and strength to the point that I think it’s the best it has ever been!

He is knowledgable and passionate about health and fitness and it is contagious. I am definetly someone that needs to be pushed to reach my fitness goals and he does that with great motivation and truly cares about each of her clients results! It’s great to see that he is able to train all body types and is so versatile! From a pro athlete to a girl like me just trying to look and feel confident in a bikini after a baby!

All the pain, I mean gains, have been worth every second and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve themselves through fitness (young or old) he has a work out plan for you.

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Olivia S.


I have been training with Tom for almost a year now and I have to say that he has changed not only the strength of my body, but also my mental strength as he teaches me discipline and the hard work it takes to accomplish goals.

GreenSpeed is not only a gym, it is a family and a community that thrives off the dedication and determination of others.

Before I started at GreenSpeed I was a “bambi” (as Tom would say) but my teammates and I have been working to become pieces of steel. I know the training will put me a step above others when I go off to play in college next year. I can’t thank Tom enough for his commitment to myself and others at the gym.

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Kim L.

Super Mom!

As I took a minute to write about why Tom is such an asset to our community, I realized I’ve known him since he was only twenty-four years old. Yet Tom’s standards of performance for himself as a coach and his clients were already established and the beginnings of his success through you and your student athletes.

So often there is no shortage of “experts” readily available to provide tutoring, mentoring, prep courses to give you or your child the edge wanted when the competition is against you. From the perspective of getting value for your money spent. Tom respects value. For the nearly 17 years having my children trained by Tom, he has never once been late. In fact, he has always been waiting for us, dialed in and waiting to start. Along the same lines, Tom responds to communications quickly with no issues. Tom respects your time and his so much so, that this consistently guy attends to what YOU are doing and not taking the opportunity to read a few texts while you’re sweating, panting and lifting. He’s watching your form and “encouraging you” the only way he knowns how!

For me, in the early days of his work with my son Dante’s entire soccer team, he maintained performance records for our participants to provide positive evidence of their training with actual results. For me, that was assurance my money was being spent well with the right person. For the PARENTS and especially the moms.

On a very personal yet impactful conclusion I’m certain is true: Tom is invested in you. His Sunday School Torture sessions and encouraging witticisms just believe his true motivation and heart. I know this personally because my son Dante, a soccer player who had been Tom’s student since he was under ten years old almost died last year in an automobile accident. Tom was bedside within hours. He was with us visibly shaken and angry and then created a FACEBOOK PAGE for Dante to serve as a communication center and quite frankly gave my kid a ton of love and support through a horrible event.

But what seals the deal for me that tough Tom is really part of us was the look on his face in a photograph with my son after he awakened from his coma. For the mom’s, look at the photograph taken during a visit. After Tom sent it to me, I understood his silence and saw it in his eyes. He had trained Dante for years and what he saw that day in my son’s eyes and ability was devastating. Tom isn’t just your trainer.

Fortunately, Dante has recovered, and Tom is back to his old “encouraging” comments. But make no mistake. His work is more than a livelihood. Tom respects the world of discipline both for you as a student and he as a trainer. He’ll provide and be open minded about new ideas and opportunities to compete and prepare your student for college.

In fact, prior to Dante attending his first year of college in Florida at a Division I program, he was nervous the workouts would be unbearable. Yet, when he got there, he called to tell me that TOM’S training was better and harder than his school. Except for the BEEP test (soccer player here) Dante was more than ready to compete thanks to Tom’s help.

Bring your best to Tom and he’ll support your efforts all the way.

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Rich B.

Training for Life & Family!

Coach Tom Green has been a part of my life for 10 years. His involvement in my strength and conditioning since my accident has helped me get to a level of mobility that allows daily life more bearable. His moto of "Just Show Up" in itself inspires me to want to continue on my fitness journey. Thank you for being part of my healing, you are greatly appreciated.

Also, my son Aaven has been with Coach Tom and GreenSpeed for the last 2 years. In that time I have seen his confidence in his abilities improve, his strength and conditioning develop in ways that could not have been achieved in such a short time.

He appreciates the hard work and is proud of his results. Thank you Tom for everything you have done for my son. We look forward in watching him continue to grow under your instruction.

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Lindsey T.


I have been training at the GreenSpeed Training Facility since April of 2019. My goal was to increase my confidence and build my strength in order to be prepared mentally and physically for collegiate athletics.

Within the last few months, I have exceeded my expectations and I am more confident, stronger, and faster.

As part of the GreenSpeed family, Tom instills teamwork, punctuality, dedication, and discipline to his athletes. His coaching has helped me in and out of the gym and I am grateful for his support that has allowed me to commit D1 for Acrobatics and Tumbling at the University of Oregon.

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Alexis A.


At first, I was very apprehensive to go back to GreenSpeed, but I have never regretted my decision ever since I rejoined.

Before, I hated the thought of working out and I dreaded doing it even more. Now, I am always excited to train and it has become the highlight of my day.

In a short 3 months, I have seen myself grow not only physically but mentally as well. Tom and my gym mates have encouraged me to push myself even further and strive to be better. Every session, I feel that I have come out feeling even stronger. I am very happy with my progression as an athlete and a person and I am very excited to continue to progress in the future.

The energy and the environment make the workouts more than bearable, and -surprisingly- enjoyable. I have found a second home and an extended family here. Tom may sometimes make my life a living hell, but he does it out of genuine love and dedication. I am truly grateful for all that he and this gym have done for me and I don’t know who I’d be without it.

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Andy, Chioko & Yawara M.

Super Family

Our family has been going to GreenSpeed training for over three years now.

Tom has helped each of us reach and maintain our training goals. He has helped my daughter to become an elite college athlete and has helped my wife and I live a more fit and active lifestyle.

Whether you train individually, or with a group, you will soon become part of the GreenSpeed family and enjoy the friendship and support of all who train there. Thanks Tom!

GreenSpeed Training Facility

Gianna C.


I started my first session at greenspeed training about 8 months ago as a senior in high school and am now playing D1 soccer at the University of California Irvine.

I came to Tom to increase my strength and speed training as that would help me thrive in the college setting. Greenspeed helped me increase my score on the beep test- a test of overall endurance and speed- and also put me in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in.

Tom is a great trainer who will push you to your limits, never let you quit, and help you achieve ALL of your goals. Without GreenSpeed Training I would not have been able to compete on the same physical level as these older collegiate athletes!